we are a small studio based in los angeles and we make amazing stuff for the web



Being an integral part of our client’s growth process brings us joy. Whether improving an existing site, creating a platform from the ground up, or developing outreach strategies, ensuring that your web presence reflects who you are, and facilitates your desired outcomes, is paramount to us.

We love what we do – plain and simple. We love designing layouts. We love building websites. We love developing beautiful interactive elements. We love creating engaging platforms. We love connecting people.

We relish the opportunitiy to partner with clients whose models, brands and practices include, or are born out of a desire to achieve social good. We believe in empowering businesses, organizations and individuals to expand your potential and positively influence your neighborhoods, communities, and world.



Magical unicorn whisperers pulling brilliance out of the ether

Dan Jordan

Lead Designer/Developer

Coding by day and designing by night, Dan is a bit of an anomaly. A touring musician-turned-independent web designer and developer, Dan has spent the last five years building sites primarily for nonprofits, foundations, boutique businesses, and like-minded change-makers.

As OMS’ founder and design and dev lead, Dan extracts each client’s ‘why’ and larger vision, while simultaneously attending to each detail. His thoughtful approach and commitment to excellence is visible throughout each client interaction and project deliverable. He is also addicted to his dry erase board, indie/folk/electronic music, and European football.

Kristen Irving

Marketing Strategy + Impact

Nonprofit executive by day, and campaign strategist and film producer by night, Kristen has a few pots boiling. She believes in using the power of story, relationship, and resource to change people and communities.

In addition to being on the OMS team, she serves as the VP of media and communications for the L.A. Kitchen, producer for award-winning short documentary Life After Manson, and advises filmmakers and nonprofits on partner outreach, campaign development, and grassroots and digital engagement. Having worked at such companies as the CAA Foundation and Participant Media, as well as various roles in the cause marketing space, she is equipped to support the full range of OMS client needs. Kristen is also addicted to her chalkboard wall, guacamole, and YAS class.