Rescue Mission: Thrifty Shopper

A blogging website that pairs fighting hunger and homelessness with social sharing


The Syracuse Rescue Mission opened its first thrift store more than 50 years ago to both provide affordable clothing and generate income to support its programs. It currently has 14 Thrifty Shopper Stores in seven counties that generate more than 60% of the revenue needed annually to fight hunger and homelessness.

In a full cooperative capacity, OMS set out to work with the Rescue Mission’s design and develop a blog style website paralleling their stores, generating buzz about items purchased from various Thrifty Shopper locations and encouraging visitors to share their finds. In a content heavy environment, we provided fast load times and easy access to posts and articles for both desktop and mobile formats.


All content on the Home Page was custom developed by OMS and utilizes backend admin functionally for easy editing.

Adding content, photos and links to various sections is as simple as selecting images from your image gallery and pasting in text, allowing for quick and error free updating, all from the comfort of the admin area within WordPress.


We took a regular Google Map and tweaked it to show 14 Thrifty Shopper locations with the ability to easily add more locations from the admin area within WordPress. Clicking on a location pin will give you the store address and an on-page link to more specific store information.


The Pinterest style masonry blocks that automatically conform to the width of your internet browser make viewing the blog entries both easy and fun.

Visitors can easily comb through several of the latest posts at once, seeing a feature image, title, date and post snippet for each individual entry.


A live aggregator uses a masonry display to curate posts from Facebook and Twitter (with capabilities to grab posts from Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube, and more).

Visitors are able to see posts from all of these social media channels, and to share this content with the click of a button.

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